States and Individuals

Government and private security

DictaFight offers Governments a wide range of private security services including protection and training of police officers and public enforcement forces, the surveillance of administrative buildings or coastal surveillance, strategic information, and supply of surveillance materials.

Moreover, DictaFight positions itself as the Government’s privileged partner against that organised crime, terrorism, crime or maritime piracy. DictaFight cooperates with the governments to address challenges by implementing interconnections and multiple forms of collaboration with partner entities of the security chain and its network of Private security experts both locally and internationally.

For private parties, DictaFight services ensure their security or that of their property and loved ones wherever there may be a need, during journeys or celebratory events. Private parties may also request our private security services for the guarding and transport of funds, objects and documents of value.

Our private security ensures discretion, confidentiality and client satisfaction.