Big companies, banks and international financial institutions

National or multinational companies request the DictaFight services to guarantee the safety of their staff, property, facilities and premises against external intrusions.

As well as ensuring the surveillance of property and facilities, international banks and financial institutions also entrust services to DictaFight to ensure the guarding of funds or payment documents.

Sear, railway or air transport companies also call on DictaFight for security services to control transport documentation, baggage, and to protect machines and users against criminal threats and terrorists.

Telecommunications companies and extractive industries, namely mining, oil and gas companies, are important clients for DictaFight. DictaFight ensures the increased control and surveillance of their operating areas by protecting their facilities and their heavy-duty machinery to prevent theft and accidents. Their staff often being the target of terrorists, our security agents are equipped and trained to play close attention and protect them against any attack or threat.

Our private security ensures discretion, confidentiality and client satisfaction.