General conditions

Terms and conditions of services

Article 1 : Subject-matter and scope
These general terms and conditions of service state the rights and obligations of clients, users of the DictaFight corporate website, as well as providers and sub-contractors of DictaFight services. All of DictaFight’s clients, service users, service providers and sub-contractors, as well as collaborators undertake to rigorously abide by the following provisions.
Article 2 : Data protection
All personal data treated through the DictaFight website or within the framework of business relationships and affairs are confidential, unless otherwise authorised by the parties. Any unauthorised access to users’ personal data or any unlawful disclosure of personal data and business information contained in the DictaFight website shall be brought to justice.
The texts and concepts of this websites, and DictaFight’s imagery logos and slogan are exclusively owned by DictaFight. The true ownership ultimately belongs to the authors. Any unauthorised or abusive by third parties shall be prosecuted. Any quoted text from the UN, UNITAR, EU, AU, DCAF and any applicable statutory regulations remain the exclusively property of their authors and beneficiaries. Any data provided by third paries through the officer in charge of the contact or quote form of any written means are kept for a year and are automatically destroyed thereupon, unless otherwise provided by the users.
Any collaborators, service providers and sub-contractors of DictaFight must abide by the discretion and professional secrecy without limit in time or space.
Article 3 : Payment
The payment of all expenses is demanded for the registration or purchase order indicated on the invoice issued by DictaFight.
No service shall be provided without its proof of payment.
The payment methods accepted by DictaFight are as follows:
• Cash payment (maximum amount EUR. 1500-)
• Payment by bank or wire transfer
• Electronic payment and payment by credit card
The payment method is indicated in every service invoice
The quote is free if it does not carry exceptional research costs in EUR. 100-. The quote is valid for 30 days.
Article 4 : Satisfaction guarantee and claims
DictaFight implements everything to ensure quality services to users and clients.
In case of non-satisfaction of the client on valid and relevant grounds attributable to DictaFight, the client is entitled to demand a new service or reimbursement up to 50% the amount of the service.
The claim must be in writing with attached proof of payment via the contact form on the DictaFight website. Upon receipt of the claim, the Company has a period of 30 days to pursue it.
Article 5 : Special Circumstances
The particular rules may apply in the event of a collaboration agreement with the specific institutions or particular requirements under the call for bids of clients with whom DictaFight plans to collaborate.
Every service in terms of assessment of private security needs, preparation of security plans or private security services is subject to a separate contract.
Article 6 : Applicable legislation and jurisdiction
The legislation currently in force in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg shall be applicable to this website and DictaFight services, according to the terms and conditions of use stated hereinabove. In the case of any matters not governed by the general terms and conditions, statutory provisions, particularly the Code of obligations, shall be applicable. Any dispute shall be referred to mediation, following the Business Mediation Rules of the Chambers of Commerce in Luxembourg. If there is no settlement via mediation within three months as from the nomination of the mediator or if either party withdraws from the mediation, the dispute shall be referred to the competent courts in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The jurisdiction of international court is reserved, in the event of exhaustion of local remedies, to the national level.
In Luxembourg, on 20.08.2017

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Chief Executive Officer
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