Message from the management

Mr Hilaire Bell

Chief Executive Officer of DictaFight

DictaFight is a multinational existing under Luxembourger law, specialising in the field of private security. Thus, the company engages particularly in :

– Ensuring training and the surveillance staff team

– Ensuring personal safety, security staff and property surveillance

– Ensuring patrols and control services

– Ensuring protection and preventive firefighting measures

– Coaching of visitors, passengers or demonstrators during various events

– Control of transport and baggage documentation

– Preventing evil and terror

Our corporate principles and values are based on loyalty and life.

The demand for loyalty comes to fruition through the company’s commitment to compliance with statutory provisions in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg for surveillance and security companies, in particular the Law enacted on 12 November 2002 and its implementing regulation issued on 10 October 2003. At an international level, DictaFight undertakes to fulfil the obligations of the Montreux Document applicable to military and security companies and the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers (ICoC). DictaFight shall also support the efforts of the United Nations in the preparation of an international convention on military and private security companies.

Throughout the world, DictaFight undertakes to defend life as an essential value of our corporate philosophy and our human community by employing private security experts, cutting-edge technologies and sophisticated material.

Generally speaking, DictaFight services are targeted at various client comprising essentially Governments, such international organisations as the United Nations, the European Union, the African Union, international financial institutions, large companies such as banks, extractive industries, telecommunications companies, diplomatic missions, NGOs and private individuals.

The DictaFight management offers to all such potential management the thorough assessment of private security needs, the implementation of private security plans, the monitoring evaluation and ensured confidentiality, discretion and full satisfaction in all private security services provided.